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Lombok - Mataram

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Special Gyudon
Chicken Miso Ramen
Minced Beef Burger

Always High Quality of Ingredients

Finest Comfort Food


Our_Delicious Choices

Appetizer Chawan Mushi
Bioled egg with shrimp, chicken and shimeji mushroom
Agedashi Tofu
Tofu, tempura sauce and katsuobushi
Tamago Mentaiko
Egg & crab stick with sauce mentai
Avocado Salad
Half avocado with crab stick and tobiko
Konyaku Steak
Konyaku with special sauce
Salmon Skin Salad
Mix salad with salmon skin and tobiko
Japanese soy beans
Tempura Shisamo
Deep fried shisamo
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Main Course Soft Shell Crab Fried Rice
Fried rice with softshell crab and crab sauce
Saikoro Steak
Diced beef with butter shoyu
Volcano Omurice
Japanese style fried rice with egg, cheese, and special sauce
Chicken Teriyaki
Chicken fillet with teriyaki sauce
Beef Teriyaki
Marbling beef fillet with teriyaki sauce
Salmon Teriyaki
Fresh salmon fillet with teriyaki sauce
Ebi Tempura
Japanese style deep fried shrimp
Katsu Moriawase
Wide variety of katsu (dory, shrimp, chicken, beef) with cheese, and tonkatsu sauce
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Sushi Roll Salmon Lava Roll
Rice, ebi tempura, salmon, avocado with cheese sauce
Mr. Crab Roll
Rice, wasabi tobiko, tobiko, crab meat and avocado
Crispy Shitake Roll
Rice, unagi and sweet shitake
Spicy Scallop Roll
Rice, scallop, spicy tuna and tanuki
Ottogi Roll
Rice, kani, tanuki, torched salmon, cheddar cheese and tobiko
Crispy Tuna Tempura
Baked tuna with nori
Cheese Burger Roll
Rice, crispy beef patty, sliced beef with cheddar cheese
Unagi Tanuki
Rice, unagi, avocado, tanuki with special sauce
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Our Favorites

Ten Don Tempura
Rice bowl with ebi tempura, konyaku tempura, egg tempura, dory tempura, and mushroom tempura Ten Don / Ebi Tempura
Beef Cutlet Curry
Japanese authentic curry rice with deep fried beef cutlet. Beef Cutlet Curry
Saikoro Steak
Diced beef with butter shoyu. Saikoro Steak